‘Here the arts are freezing…’

A video that says more than my post yesterday about why I am raising funds to help musicians during the loss of live concerts and gatherings.  Please watch, I know the lighting is still terrible and I’m still in my dressing gown, but it’s all heartfelt!

The quotation in the title of this post is from the 16th century: it’s from a letter from the humanist scholar Erasmus to his friend Sir Thomas More, in which he introduces the painter Hans Holbein to him and asks him to find him work in England, because the Reformation is bringing a loss of opportunities to artists in Germany and Switzerland.  500 years on, the arts are freezing again, because of COVID-19 and the lack of a government response to the financial needs of independent artists and investment in the arts generally.  Watch the video for more!

Please consider giving £5 to my fundraiser – and if you can’t (and I know some can’t!), then please share the Ko-Fi link listed below.

Here are some links:

The article about the letter to the UK government signed by 400 people across the arts.

My fundraiser through Ko-Fi to give a small amount to musicians.

And below the graphic by musician Jon Wilks, mentioned in the video, showing ways that you can help – I also mention subscribing to their YouTube channels, the video explains how that helps.

help musicians jon wilks