Support live music

Fleetwood Cave at the Tree House Bookshop

Here are some ways that you can support musicians:

Buy their music – via Bandcamp or the artists’ websites (they get most money from those sales)

Subscribe to their YouTube channels – it’s free, easy, and when they get to 1000 subscribers they can do more with their channels, including monetising them

Share stuff on social media – their posts, their online streamed gigs, their websites, their YouTube channels, etc.  Anything to keep your favourite musicians in the public eye.

If you are on Facebook, join the Folk Corona page, which has auctions from musicians of all sorts of things, from private tuition to merch bundles to original artwork, all sorts.

Support our Ko-Fi fundraiser– £5 is the minimum, but if you can spare that (and I know some can’t), then do support us in our attempt to raise funds to donate to musicians – initially those whose gigs at the Tree House had to be cancelled, then others after that.

Consider joining Patreon accounts for musicians you love, if they have one – usually from as little as £3 per month, for which you get various things they offer exclusively on Patreon.

Follow them on Spotify.  The platform pays them absolute peanuts, but following them raises their profile.

Some are offering online music tuition, commissions of new tunes, and other things.

Be proactive. Check out musicians’ websites and social media pages and see what they are up to.  Keep promoting their music.

If we want live music to survive this crisis, we need to keep supporting musicians now.  You may not be able to support them financially, but subscribing to YouTube channels and sharing posts and links on social media is free, quick, easy and good for keeping their music and their hopes alive.