Local deliveries and mail order

Are you running out of reading material in lockdown?  If you are in Kenilworth, I can deliver some second-hand books to you.  There will be a charge for this of £10 for a bag of six books or £5 for three books/children’s books, but the money will go to my fundraiser to help musicians who have lost their livelihoods during this pandemic and get no government help.  (See my earlier post, Here the arts are freezing…)

If you are not in Kenilworth and would like me to post books to you, I can send a box of four novels (fiction only, I’m afraid) for £10 inc p&p, with the proceeds after postage going, again, to my fundraiser.

These will be, essentially, surprise packages.  You can give broad likes and dislikes, but I can’t do individual requests easily – our stock is limited at the moment.  But we have loads of books, and people really ought to be reading them rather than have them locked in a shop!


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